Dear Parents,


The question we hear most often from parents is, "How Can I Help My Child?" The answer is simple "actively participate in your child's education. The impact of parental involvement on a student's academic achievement cannot be overstated. Together, the home and school must team for student success. Our School District has developed this parent guide to help you help your child. As partners in the education of your child, we are committed to helping every student reach his or her full potential. At the Mineral Springs Saratoga School District, we believe all students can achieve. That is our focus: Student Success!



Your encouragement and involvement in your child's education are critical to his or her success in school and ultimately in life. You make a difference... You are your child's first and most influential teacher. Studies show that children achieve more when their parents actively participate in the learning process. Our goal at the Mineral Springs Saratoga School District is to work with you to help you guide your child's education. We are committed to raising standards, enhancing curriculum, instruction and improving the school environment to allow every child to reach his or her potential.

We are focusing on four major goals:


  • Improving student performance in reading/language arts
  • Improving student performance in math
  • Increasing standardized test scores
  • Improving school attendance.

    We firmly believe that every child can learn, every child must achieve!


    A high-quality education for your child begins with a good working relationship between home and school. Your child's success in school is greatly dependent upon your assistance at home. To support your child's instructional program at school, we ask that you do the following things:

  • Discuss the importance of education to your child's success in life.
  • Speak to your child about maintaining good conduct at all times.
  • Avoid negative comments to your child about his or her school, classmates, teacher and principal.
  • Make sure your child is present and on time for school every day!
  • Ensure that your child receives the proper amount of rest each night.
  • Please do not check your child out of school unless it is an emergency.
  • Encourage good study habits by setting aside a location in your home and a specific time for daily study.
  • Do not allow distractions while your child is studying.
  • Review your child's homework each night.
  • Be actively involved in your child's academic progress.