For the fall...

  • Take the PSAT in October to practice taking entrance exams and to establish eligibility for some scholarships.

  • Attend sessions with college representatives who visit our campus.  Consider visiting local college fairs.

  • Develop a list of possible post-secondary schools. can help you learn more about schools and link you to each college website where you can request information and applications.  Talk with admissions reps to determine if there are any institutional scholarships for which you could apply.

  • Begin researching private sources of financial aid (scholarships), and write for each applications.  Request financial aid bulletins from all potential schools.  Estimate the costs for each school and begin identifying ways to meet the costs.

For the spring...

  • Take the SAT/ACT.  Check with your preferred college(s) to see which standardized test is preferred.

  • Begin narrowing your choices for post-secondary schools.  Schedule campus visits.  You can visit "online" via  Also consider an overnight trip that would allow you to get a feel of what life is like on that campus.

  • NOW is the time to check with your counselor, libraries and community organizations for scholarship sources.  Send for applications as soon as possible.  Keep records of who you speak with concerning grants or scholarships.

  • Start developing portfolios, audition tapes, writing samples, or other evidence of talents required for college admission and/or scholarships.

  • If you plan to play sports in college, write to college coaches at your target schools.  include a schedule of your athletic events for the upcoming year.  Register with the NCAA Clearinghouse.  Develop a resume of your sports accomplishments including a highlight tape and relevant articles about your successes.

For the Summer...

  • Practice writing online applications, filling out rough drafts - without submitting them.

  • Review applications, especially the essays.  Ask others to proof the essay for any grammar, content or punctuation errors.

  • Read all college mail and send reply cards back to schools of interest.

  • Apply for those scholarships with fall deadlines.  School will be very busy once it starts back..don't delay!